Welcome to Mancini Pasta

Nothing is more comforting than a plate of pasta. Made of three simple ingredients – flour, eggs and water – pasta is natural, nourishing and versatile. It satisfies every palate and every occasion and forms the basis of a healthy mediterranean diet.

Mancini Pasta is a delicious synthesis of traditional Italian cooking and fresh local produce.  We proudly use Australia’s world-class durum wheat flour to produce our much loved pasta. Locally grown tomatoes form the base to Nonna Annita’s bottled sauce, and our extra-virgin olive oil is sourced direct from olive groves in Bunbury Western Australia.

We prepare over 30 varieties of fresh and frozen pasta daily on our premises in Perth including meat and vegetarian filled pasta. We supply to supermarkets, growers’ markets, cafes, hotels, and the catering industry and provide exclusive pasta products for restaurants.  We distribute through outlets based in Western Australia and South Australia.

Our pasta is not only good for you but fast and easy to cook satisfying busy hungry households and the ever-changing demands of the food services industry.

The Mancini brand has an uncompromising commitment to quality, authenticity and taste. Our family is proud of its pasta and take pleasure in sharing a family tradition of sitting down to a good plate of pasta.

Eat and enjoy!