About Mancini Pasta

“In response to the growing Australian demand for healthy, easy to prepare pasta, we began making and selling our own home style fresh and frozen pasta products a decade ago from our continental delicatessen in Kelmscott, Perth before becoming solely dedicated to the art of making pasta.

We soon realised that of all the continental product lines we supplied the most popular product of all was always the pasta.

To meet a growing need and desire for time-saving but healthy eating, my family and I embarked on a project to deliver home style pasta for domestic use within the home and for the wider food service outlets of hotels, cafes, restaurants and catering companies. To do this the family invested in high quality pasta making equipment from Italy to deliver home style pasta on a daily basis.

Mancini Pasta operates from Perth Western Australia and makes over 30 varieties of pasta from classic spaghetti to the popular agnolotti and distributes through outlets across Perth and from Newton in South Australia.

Our family is proud of its pasta and take pleasure in sharing with you a good plate of pasta.

Eat and enjoy!”

Joe Mancini.