Food Services

Australian hotels, restaurants, cafes and catering companies know very well that a good plate of pasta is a satisfying and wholesome dish to offer customers.  Fashions in food come and go but pasta is a constant.

Mancini Pasta produces over 30 varieties of pasta for the food services industry supplying to hotels, restaurants, cafes, and catering companies.  We produce and supply pasta on a daily basis ensuring premium freshness, quantity and availability. For the Australian food industry our pasta ticks all the boxes – healthy, easy to prepare, quick to serve and excellent value for money.

We also produce exclusive pasta products for restaurants.

An example is our special extra-large (60gm) ravioli which makes an impressive first course dish on any menu. We are very committed to meeting the demands of the food services industry in Australia and will work closely with you to help your business.  For more information on our bespoke restaurant lines please contact us.